What is TEPAC (Treasury Employees Political Action Committee) and how you can help.

Priority Issues

NTEU’s legislative agenda was established during a meeting in Washington, D.C., of the Legislative Advisory Committee. This group of NTEU members from various federal agencies and NTEU chapters spent hours reviewing the legislative landscape for federal employees and then recommended

five priority issues to National President Tony Reardon.

Protecting Federal Retirement Benefits

Congress is considering five major changes that will affect all current and future employees and retirees: raising the amount that current employees have to pay toward the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which is a pay cut; basing future retirement benefits on the average of the highest five years of salary instead of the current three; eliminating the FERS supplement for employees who retire before they can start collecting Social Security at age 62; eliminating the cost of living adjustments for all current and future retirees covered by FERS; and reducing the cost of living adjustments for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) retirees. Call and email your members of Congress today.

Securing Fair Pay

Lagging federal pay rates have taken their toll on federal employees and their families over the last few years, with their pay raises trailing increases to private sector wages. NTEU supports H.R. 757 and S. 255, which call for a 3.2 percent increase for 2018 for federal workers. However, the administration issued an Executive Order implementing the 1.9 percent average pay increase for the General Schedule federal workforce for calendar year 2018.

Preserving Health Care Benefits

Several previous proposals that may be considered in this Congress would turn the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) into a voucher plan. Others have proposed altering retiree health care benefits or eliminating employer-sponsored health insurance benefits entirely for the federal workforce. NTEU opposes these efforts and supports enacting prescription drug cost and supply chain reforms that would lower costs.

Safeguarding Workplace Fairness

Recent proposals to eliminate due process rights for federal employees would bring back the “spoils system” driven by patronage and political favoritism rather than ability and merit, and make all career employees “at-will” with no independent reviews or due process, as well as H.R. 559, a bill that weakens due process rights. NTEU opposes efforts to undermine our ability to effectively represent our members.

Achieving Agency Missions

Many agencies are drastically understaffed, which has had a devastating effect on their ability to provide many of the critical services American taxpayers rely on. The current government wide hiring freeze and longer-term workforce reduction plans will further diminish the ability of key agencies to perform their basic functions. NTEU supports ending the hiring freeze, providing agencies with sufficient funding to meet their missions, and maintaining agency governing structures that promote efficiency and independence.